We believe that investment decisions should be guided by simple, reliable insights. Our team of technologists, data scientists, and digital asset investors use machine intelligence to distill actionable information from the complex world of digital assets and help you generate alpha.

Victor Lee


Victor is the CEO for Bitcurate and digital 1st native with more than 10 years of experience in technology product development, focusing on mobile and financial products. He previously cofounded Olifun.com, a consumer mobile application startup and was also the innovation product lead in Omnicom Media Group and Standard Chartered Bank.

Arseny Akinfiev


Arseny is an advocate of Web 3.0 and open-source software, an active member of Ethereum community. He is a software developer skilled in Python and blockchain development, and also co-founded Swops.io.

Denis Kuanyshbaev


Denis is a software developer with more than 9 years of experience in web development and blockchain. He also has extensive experience in C/C++, Go, Python and embedded development, and has lead multiple blockchain and technology projects in the past decade.

Husein Zolkepli

Chief Data Scientist

Husein is the chief data scientist in Bitcurate. He is an expert in machine learning, devOps, big data and data science. He is also an advocate for open source technology and a full stack Python developer.

Grace Zhai

Product Lead

Grace is a product and user-experience designer. She has designed for a range of digital products including e-commerce, AR/VR, blockchain, and marketplaces. She believes in creating value and empowering humans through intentional and purposeful products and design.

Peyton Ong

Community Manager

Peyton has a multifaceted career due to her creatives pursue towards innovation, tech and digital product developments. She had been deeply involved in tech startups accelerators, in which she practices human centred design and design sprint.

Roman Glukhov

Software Engineer

Roman is a software developer with 4 years of experience and a Masters degree in software engineering. He is skilled in Javascript, React, and Typescript, and has started his own company in software engineering prior to joining Bitcurate.


Alvin Foo

Managing Director, IPG Reprise China

Emerging Tech & Marketing Evangelist, Startups' co-Founders & Advisors. Passionate about AI, Blockchain, Digital Transformation, Fintech & Startups. Ex-Googler, Ex-Nokia, Ex-Omnicom.

Jon-Tzen Ng

Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, Ping An Technology

>19 years of corporate, banking, technology experience. Executive Director and Head of Digital & Innovation at Standard Chartered Bank where he led the FinTech strategic development and engagement with the ecosystem of startups and partners

Daniel Liebau

Founder, Lightbulb Capital

Focus on getting things done! & very interested in Innovation, Blockchain,Technology & Design as well as Finance & Investments

Joe Wong

General Manager, George P Johnson

Integrated Marketing Services | BlockChain | Future Retail | Innovation. Joe Wong has served 22 years in the Brand Activation business across multiple countries in Asia. He is passionate about using 'creativity to solve business problems'

Nicholas Ng

Strategist, Cybersecurity, blockchain and cryptocurrency

Nicholas is a certified cyber security veteran with over 18 years of experience in orchestrating the most effective cyber defense and response strategy for financial services institutions, governments and large enterprises. He now advises cryptocurrency exchanges and decentralised e-wallet operators in cyber threat intelligence, technology risk management and compliance.


Infinity Blockchain Ventures

IBV is a consulting and R&D agency dedicated to enlightening and paving the way for clients towards business success in their blockchain journey.


Fintech company with the mission to remove opacity and inefficiencies from the global alternative investment industry via blockchain solutions.